one thing you can do today to end human trafficking

Spread awareness

Social media has amazing potential to reach billions of people with the click of a mouse. Standard media rarely covers slavery and human trafficking issues. Cnn’s freedom project is so impressive, but it’s only a year long effort. Hopefully it’s extended.

You have the power to reach millions with your online voice. Use it. Instead of posting about your meals or what movie you’re going to see. Post a statistict or a story or a life changing fact or figure.

Here are a few resources where you might be able to find postable items:

US Department of Labor’s list of goods produced by child or forced labor

The HHS campaign to rescue and restore

The Trafficking in Persons office.

You can do this. You can lend your voice to the millions who are voiceless.

The blue heart is the symbol for anti-trafficking. Display it with pride

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Dr. Bach is the Executive Director of the Imagine Foundation. He is a dude, a feminist, a biker, and a researcher. He loves non-linear mathematics, general systems theory, social media, and daily workouts at his gym in Cleveland, Ohio. If you want to reach him, shoot him an e-mail at Jesse


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