But I’m a nobody

I was involved in a great conversation about human rights, human trafficking and solutions with an amazing young lady the other day. She was amazed and intrigued that it was as extensive as it is. She was more amazed that she could become an activist and work to end it.

Her quote: “but I’m a nobody”

Nobody’s a nobody. All free beings have a voice and an inherent right to use it. It’s up to the individual what they use that voice for.

If you are looking to work for the freedom of others, that voice comes in the form of social media. It is without question the most effective peaceful weapon to end slavery.

With a single mouse click you can send information to the masses, telling all of your friends that you believe in freedom and are willing to work for the freedom of others. Your friends can continue the rally by sending it to their friends and so on…

We live in an age where the signal can’t be stopped but it’s up to us to get it started.

Try it, post a status update, tweet, i.m. etc… and see how far it gets.

Use your voice, free others.

You're a somebody, use your voice!!!!

About Jesse Bach

Dr. Bach is the Executive Director of the Imagine Foundation. He is a dude, a feminist, a biker, and a researcher. He loves non-linear mathematics, general systems theory, social media, and daily workouts at his gym in Cleveland, Ohio. If you want to reach him, shoot him an e-mail at Jesse @imaginefreedom.org


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